Smoke and mirrors

from by Down Memory Lane

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Smoke & mirrors

the hours misspent are
Mind-numbing boredom
already took hold
of numerous people
Entrancing them all
Confining themselves between four walls

They're minions
They're millions
but still feeling forsaken
Pretenders, impostors
Nothing but smoke and mirrors
Interaction's slowly losing its significance
Without their five senses
How can they possibly discern
emotions veracity?
Seems doubtful....

Intimacy doesn't make sense anymore
Mirrors and cameras, the new trend in town
Bikinis and asses but don't dare call them whores
Everybody's doing it so what's the harm?

That urgent need
of deplorable deeds
Daily abound in my newsfeed
more than I could believe
Creating highlights,
compensating lies
Thus fulfilling empty lives
Close your eyes enjoy the ride

Don't let go
the real you
Reject your alter ego
Pretender, impostor
Cause its just smoke and mirrors
Credibility has died a long time ago
cause 90% of the time you're surfing
while curling one off
How many likes is this worth?


from Recycled Punk Rockers EP, released March 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Down Memory Lane Montreal, Québec

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