by Down Memory Lane

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First half of the LP Catch and Release


released April 19, 2019

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vincent Côté

Artwork by Sebas Thérieult@Sterio Design


all rights reserved



Down Memory Lane Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Our Soundtrack
The stupid look stuck on my face
Is the result of our first date
I can’t tell the world who makes me smile
But the gleam in my eyes tells no lies

Days feel like years far from your lips,
It's hard to breath since that first kiss
Time is the only enemy
I took your face into my hands
to comfort you and make you understand
I’ll always be there till the end

I swear it’s true I’m here to stay
as long as you will want me to
So many years have passed without you in my life
I know now it’s worth the wait
A little more just to make sure
you won’t go away

Finally we've found each other's love
and your chords will be mixed with mine
to create the song we've dreamed about
The sweetest song ever written
Passionate and powerful
The everlasting one

Days feel like years far from your lips,
It's hard to breath since that first kiss
Time is the only enemy
I took your face into my hands
to comfort you and make you understand
I’ll always be there till the end
Track Name: Déjà Brew
Like hitting pause and play and pause,
like moving frame by frame
Such a chaotic whirl of events
your mind cannot erase
Just another casual day
of insincere excuses and headaches

You come to blows,
Immature sexual innuendoes
Distorted truths and settling of scores
are all uncalled for
You're just baying for blood

Well this time, you've gone too far
It's hard to stop the bleeding now
The bottle's too easy to blame
You drink away your common sense
You'll end up losing more than you'll gain
Minus f-r-i to the word "friend"
and It'll show you
where our friendship stands

"We're humans, we all make mistakes"
became your key phrase
Drinking, saying shit then feeling bad, so you drink to forget
It's a neverending nightmare
but most times you are just too drunk to care

You need us now more than ever wether
you like it or not
You won't appreciate at first
Believe me we will run our ship tight
But at the end of the day, we'll be glad to have you back
Track Name: The Storm (feat. Émilie Plamondon)
A year and a half already pass
I don't know how long it will last
our war is frozen in time
until the armistice is signed

I hope you'll finaly realized
That what I've said that day was right
When I said please believe me
Their's nothing wrong with you

I'm convinced that we'll see the light
At the end of the tunel cause
We are both sick & tired off fight
each other every god damn night
rumor of a truce fade
By the time anger's rise away

I know it's hard you just can’t wait
To turn the page once and for all
don't let the past control the way
you want your future to be play
Don't make laugh you don't know shit about the way I feel.
You lose your time with your advices
You speach won't help me to heal

It's still pretty hard to hold my tears
Each times I beg you to comeback
Why don't you give yourself a break
Get over it just let me leave
Loosen my fists to free my fear
Will help us to be back on track
Just free your mind from my mistakes
That way we'll both find inner peace
Take a step back won't be easy
But it will help to set us free
Anger will be part of the past
We will embrace a brand new path
Track Name: Sad Reflection
Do you remember your first steps?
The answer's pretty obvious
It's something you cannot recall

Memories can keep you warm
but they can also tear you apart
cause they will clearly make you
remember your last ones

We work our fingers to the bone
We spend a life of privation
Providing for our loved ones
'til the day we're weak and dysfunctional

It's already sad for those who
end up in retirement homes
But the most unfortunates
will spend their golden years in hospitals

Add to her woes
Cancer is diagnosed
and suddenly all glimmering hope
slowly fades away

Tears running down
Staring at white walls
Afraid to end up like first steps
Forgotten by all

A shattered looking glass
A sad reflection of your life
You taught me how to talk and walk
You did your best, you gave me love

The irony is that our goals
are often dreamed of but kept untold
so don't back down and live out loud
before the hourglass runs out

We're all passerbys
Living on borrowed time
Then someday our life is fined
with such a price to pay

A few end alone
Sick, sad and vulnerable
Thin whispers, one way dialogues
cause no one's coming

We're never ready for this day to come
Much better days are far behind us
Now's the time to rest while you still can

Then you'll know the real meaning of the word "torture" as the clock ticks down
This waiting game is way worse than the sickness itself

Do I remember my first steps?
The answer's pretty obvious
This precious memory is yours
Mine will be those times spent with you
Track Name: Defective
Here's a song for the new generation
The digital natives
Emotionally stunted,
easily offended and
lacking humility

At a loss for words
The debate starts
They won't derail from their train of thoughts,
not making any sense at all

So if you give 'em a piece of advice
They feel insulted or criticized
That's the reason why Ben hates them all

It's hard to cope with this "me" generation
They're like kings on their thrones
Safe and sound in
numeric castles
or confined in dungeons?

Don't worry, I won't bother
you again with another
"When I was your age" story
A burden for you, a waste of time for me

I don't get easily bored
I'm still amazable
I often watch and learn from
others and I'm not afraid to say "I'm wrong"

I must be defective
Useless, deprecated
What the hell is wrong with me?
I must be outdated
or inoperative
What's left of our legacy?

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